Helloween Brengt Video Uit Voor “Best Time” Met Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy)

Geschreven door Stefan

Nadat eerder al de single uit kwam heeft de Duitse power-metal band Helloween nu ook de video uitgebracht voor hun nieuwe single “Best Time”, waarop ook Arch Enemy zangeres Alissa White-Gluz te horen is.

I had an ’80’s Neo Noir-Vibe’ in my head. The riff was originally a synth-riff, which we arranged later for guitars. The wording ‘I will have the best time of my life’ was pretty spontaneous because I had this strong feeling to leave the past behind and Seize the day! Andi instantly loved the idea as well as the refrain and together we created the track as it is now!

Sascha Gerstner – Helloween (Gitaar, Zang)
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