Bad Wolves Verwelkomt Nieuwe Gitarist Max Karon

Geschreven door Stefan
Bad Wolves

De Amerikaanse heavy metal band Bad Wolves heeft gitarist Max Karon een vaste plek in hun line-up gegeven. Hij vervangt hiermee Chris Cain die op 14 april via Instagram aankondigde dat hij de band ging verlaten.

It’s with great excitement that we announce our new permanent guitar player: Max Karon. The funny thing is that Max isn’t new to us, he started the band with founder John Boecklin in 2014 and was a major writer/player on all three Bad Wolves albums. Being a key ingredient to the Bad Wolves sound, this was a no-brainer decision. There is no other person on this earth that would be a better fit for Bad Wolves than Max.

Max zelf zegt het volgende over zijn toetreding tot de band:

Words can hardly express how thrilled and grateful I am for this opportunity, and how right it feels to be here. Having been part of Bad Wolves since the very beginning, I’m so proud to be joining in full. It’s amazing how far this band has come, and I’m so excited and driven to see how far we can go. I’m looking forward to everything about this new chapter. I’ll see you out there!- Max

Max Karon – Bad Wolves (Gitaar)

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