Revocation Heeft Details Nieuw Album “Netherheaven” Bekendgemaakt

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Op 9 september komt het nieuwe Revocation album “Netherheaven” uit via Metal Blade Records, zo heeft de technische death metal band laten weten. Een video voor de eerste track “Diabolical Majesty” is alvast uitgebracht en is hieronder te bekijken.

It’s always hard choosing the first single off of a new album, but we felt that ‘Diabolical Majesty‘ really captures the mood of ‘Netherheaven‘ overall. It’s a thrashing, death metal ripper that’s got a little something for everyone, whether you’re the first one to activate a circle pit at a show or if you just like to bang your fucking head. The music video was filmed by our good friends Dave Brodsky and Allison Woest, and they’ve once again outdone themselves on this one! Special thanks to the Sk8 Liborius crew for letting us rage in their space for a couple days.

Lyrically, ‘Diabolical Majesty‘ was inspired by the Satanic Temple’s ongoing struggle with the religious right and their battle to display the statue of the Baphomet in the face of censorship and legal action. To quote American author Chris Hedges, ‘The merger of the corporatists with the Christian right is the marrying of Godzilla to Frankenstein.’ These words ring even truer now that extremist Christian politicians have begun imposing their authoritarian rule as they seek to completely undo the separation of church and state.

Dave Davidson – Revocation (Zang/Gitaar)

De tracklist en coverart ziet er als volgt uit:

  1. Diabolical Majesty
  2. Lessons In Occult Theft
  3. Nihilistic Violence
  4. Strange And Eternal
  5. Galleries Of Morbid Artistry
  6. The 9th Chasm
  7. Godforsaken
  8. The Intervening Abyss Of Untold Aeons
  9. Re-Crucified” (feat. Trevor Strnad & George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher)
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