Avantasia Deelt Video Van Single “Misplaced Among The Angels” Met Floor Jansen

Geschreven door Johanna

De Duitse power metal band Avantasia heeft een video uitgebracht voor “Misplaced Among The Angels” samen met Nightwish zanger Floor Jansen. De track is afkomstig van de album “A Paranormal Evening With The Moonflower Society” dat op 21 oktober uitkomt via Nuclear Blast.

Misplaced Among The Angels’ was already finished when I asked Floor to contribute to the song. She said she could imagine singing it, although she wasn’t 100% sure in the beginning if the lower range passages would suit her rather higher range singing style. But without further ado, she gave it a shot and she delivered unbelievably. I personally think that ‘Misplaced Among The Angels’, complete with Floor’s strong voice, is one of the best ballads of my entire career.

 Tobias Sammet – Avantasia (Zang)

Pre-orders voor het album zijn hier verkrijgbaar.

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