Norma Jean Deelt Video Voor “A Killing Word”

Geschreven door Johanna

De Amerikaanse metalcore band Norma Jean heeft een video uitgebracht voor hun nieuwe track “A Killing Word”. Samen met een reeks visuele muziekvideo’s afkomstig van hun laatste album “Deathrattle Sing For Me”, uitgebracht via Solid State Records.

Failure can lead to being done. Old school vibes. The ending of this song is a riff I wrote in 2009. Nothing about it is different from when it was written. I tried to use it on many songs since then but it never seemed to work.

The main thing I found was that It was less about the riff and more about the double kick part under it. We felt like it was time to pull it out of the vault along with some other ideas. This song has a fairly basic song structure at its core and the bridge was left open until we hit the studio. We just let Jeremy go nuts. He added modular synths and other sounds.

There might be 20 different versions of various parts throughout this track and they’re all completely different songs dating back to 2008-09. So, to me this one is meant for fans of NJ, new and old. We weren’t trying to reinvent the wheel or anything. Just wanted to write a rad song.

 Cory Brandan – Norma Jean (Zang)

Je kan het album beluisteren op verschillende streamingdiensten en hun andere tracks bekijken met bijpassende visuele beelden op de Solid State Records Youtube account.

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