The Gloom In The Corner Brengt Nieuwe Single “Pandora’s Box” Uit

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The Gloom In The Corner

De Australische cinema-core band The Gloom In The Corner heeft een video uitgebracht voor hun nieuwe single “Pandora’s Box”, waarop ook Lauren Babic van de Canadese metalcore band Red Handed Denial te horen is.

In the story thus far, the Trinity have begun their journey at the guidance of the Narrator, to find three mythical items to assist them in creating a portal back home to the realm of the living. After obtaining the first item, they travel to the frozen Lake Cocytus, where they’re faced with haunting visions of their past in order to collect the second mythical item; Pandora’s Box, trapped at the bottom of the lake. Pandora’s Box tackles themes of mental health and anxiety, along with the fear of opening up to the people that you love

Mikey Arthur – The Gloom In The Corner (Zang)

Deze nieuwe track is afkomstig van het aankomende album “Trinity” dat op 28 oktober uitkomt via SharpTone Records.

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