Parkway Drive Documentaire “Heavy Metal And Heavy Hearts” Uitgebracht

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Parkway Drive
© Danny Drax

De Australische zender ABC heeft een ingrijpende documentaire van ruim 30 minuten online gezet over de Australische metalcore band Parkway Drive.’ Deze documentaire is alweer de derde docu over de band, nadat in 2009 “Parkway Drive: The DVD” uitkwam en in 2012 “Parkway Drive: Home Is For The Heartless”.

Parkway Drive is the biggest Australian band you’ve probably never heard of. And they’re smashing stereotypes while blowing up stadiums worldwide.

The school and surfing mates started out in a garage in Parkway Drive, Byron Bay. 20 years later they are Australia’s biggest heavy metal act.

Thoughtful, quietly spoken and remarkably open, Parkway Drive don’t fit the picture of a typical metal band.

The band was built on fun and friendship but as Parkway became more successful, and the work became more intense, creative differences, unequal workloads, and pay disputes began tearing them apart.

Can counselling save not only the band, but their friendship as well?

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