Bury Tomorrow Brengt Nieuwe Track “Boltcutter” Uit

Geschreven door Stefan
Bury Tommorrow

De Britse melodic metalcore band Bury Tomorrow heeft een video uitgebracht voor “Boltcutter”, de tweede single van hun aankomende album “The Seventh Sun”.

From the second we put the finishing touches to Boltcutter, we knew it had to be a single. Whilst it is a fundamental Bury Tomorrow track, being both loud and heavy, it also emphasises the new era of our band.
Specifically, it highlights influences we haven’t necessarily channelled through Bury Tomorrow before, and it’s a pleasure to continue to expand the possibilities of our music. It began its existence through Tom crafting the foundations, with an ambient and electronic soundscape, before the rest of the band provided their usual expertise.

Kristan Dawson – Bury Tomorrow (Gitaar)

Het nieuwe album komt op 31 maart 2023 uit via Music For Nations.

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