Ov Sulfur Brengt Video Uit Voor Nieuwe Single “Death Ov Circumstance”

Geschreven door Stefan
Ov Sulfur

Na het uitbrengen van de nieuwe tracks “Wide Open” en “Stained In Rot” heeft de Amerikaanse blackened deathcore band Ov Sulfur nu een video uitgebracht voor de nieuwe single “Death Ov Circumstance”.

This is another perspective on the poison that is religion. Rather than directly attack the current church, I looked back on history to the Salem Witch Trials. That was a time when Christianity persecuted others, while its believers either picked up their torches at worst or turned a blind eye at best – a pretty terrible best case scenario. This is a scenario that’s repeated itself throughout history during slaughters such as the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

Ricky Hoover – Ov Sulfur (Zang)

After the full-on brutal attack of ‘Stained in Rot’ here’s a song with… ZERO BLAST BEATS! Don’t worry, though, the song kicks in HARD with a churning war march and only lets up for our best melodic hooks yet. In fact, hearing the unfinished version of this track is what really opened our eyes to how diverse Ricky’s vocals were – not just in screaming but also singing. Wait until you hear the bridge!

Chase Wilson – Ov Sulfur (Zang/Gitaar)
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