Ne Obliviscaris Brengt Video Uit Voor “Equus” En Kondigt Nieuwe Album “Exul” Aan

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Ne Obliviscaris

De Australische progressieve metal band Ne Obliviscaris heeft een video uitgebracht voor hun nieuwe single “Equus”. Afkomstig van hun aankomende album “Exul” dat op 24 maart 2023 wordt uitgebracht via Season of Mist. De video daarvan is hieronder te bekijken.

‘Equus’ is dedicated to the lives lost during the lethal bushfires that scarred Australia in 2019-2020. Alongside the people who died or were affected, many millions if not billions of animals were killed or displaced from their natural habitats, the enormity of this is something that will never be forgotten, and should not be ignored. It is also a warning that the world we live in is changing from the damage we as a species have contributed to. Within this video, the dancer represents a scorched Mother Earth, from horror to humanity, ever in tune with the heart and flow of the song (and world), and ultimately aware of the inevitable and ever growing destructive cycle we are in.

‘Exul’ felt right to use in a broader sense and as a lone word, for we each have our own history and a story of exile. Overall, there’s a darker core to this album, perhaps more ominous than previous releases. However abstract the lyrics are, they involve some form of unwanted departure – all journeys into torment, passion, longing and even despair. They touch on the process of physical and psychological destruction that comes from that sense or reality of being exiled, whether forced from one’s land, ostracised from a community, shunned by a religion, or even simply being treated differently for being who they are.

De coverart en tracklist zien er als volgt uit:

  1. “Equus”
  2. “Misericorde I – As the Flesh Falls”
  3. “Misericorde II – Anatomy of Quiescence”
  4. “Suspyre”
  5. “Graal”
  6. “Anhedonia”

Pre-Orders voor het album zijn verkrijgbaar via deze website. De band live zien kan op 20 mei 2023 in de Gebr. De Nobel in Leiden (NL)

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