I Am Your God Kondigt Nieuw Album Aan, Brengt “Another Day To Die” Video Uit

Geschreven door Stefan
I Am Your God

De Finse metalband I Am Your God heeft hun tweede album “SINister” aangekondigd en een video uitgebracht voor de nieuwe single “Another Day To Die”. Het nieuwe album komt op 5 mei uit via Out Of Line Music en de artwork is gemaakt door Miika Saari.

Our second album ”SINister” is crawling into daylight on May the 5th via the brilliant Out Of Line Music. This is the culmination of our journey from the past two years with massive development as songwriters and musicians.

At the same time this album process has been the biggest pain in the ass and also the driving force in our lives. While listening to the record, you can taste lots of these kind of extrimities, and feel our mighty struggling in life, which is also one of the main themes lyrically. We are super proud of ”SINister” and we can’t wait for you all to give it a spin and live through the trip.

While waiting the pre-sales to start, be alsolutely sure to check out the brand new single of ours, called ”Another Day To Die” ⚰️

De artwork ziet er als volgt uit:

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