Bloodred Hourglass Heeft Een Video Uitgebracht Voor “The Sun Still In Me”

Geschreven door Stefan
Bloodred Hourglass

De Finse melodic death metal band Bloodred Hourglass heeft een video uitgebracht voor hun nieuwe single “The Sun Still In Me”.

“The Sun Still in Me”. Together, we agree: “‘The Sun Still In Me’ was born from this cool EDM-vibed synth chord progression that gives the song a very unique atmosphere. That said, it’s one of the most experimental songs in the BRHG catalogue so far, as there’s no guitar leads throughout the song which usually are quite a trademark in BRHG’s music. Also, the massive drum loops in the middle section of the song bring out a totally new sound to the table never heard in BRHG’s music before. Lyrically it carries the message how you don’t attract what you want – you attract what you are. Stop chasing and start working, and always start from yourself.”

De band heeft een contract bij Out of Line Music en heeft vijf volledige studioalbums uitgebracht: “Lifebound” (2012), “Where the Oceans Burn” (2015), “Heal” (2017), “Godsend” (2019) en “Your Highness” (2021).

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