Signs Of The Swarm Deelt Video Voor “Amongst The Low & Empty”

Geschreven door Stefan
Signs Of The Swarm

De Amerikaanse deathcore band Signs Of The Swarm heeft een video uitgebracht voor hun nieuwe single “Amongst The Low & Empty”, afkomstig van een nog aan te kondigen vijfde studioalbum van de band dat ze uit zullen brengen bij Century Media.

We are extremely pleased to unleash ‘Amongst the Low & Empty.’ This song represents a theme that we have been building for a few years and were finally able to bring to life with the help of Josh Schroeder, with additional production from Joshua Travis. We wanted to create something that gets you moving from beginning to end, no bullshit, just heavy.

We knew we accomplished that when our manager laughed out loud at a part in the breakdown when hearing it for the first time. We hope you headbang and/or laugh with us.

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