Ne Obliviscaris Neemt Benighted Drummer Kevin Paradis Mee Op Aankomende Tour

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Ne Obliviscaris

De Australische progressieve metalband Ne Obliviscaris heeft aangekondigd dat Kevin Paradis, drummer van onder andere Benighted, mee gaat op hun aankomende Europese tour.

Het statement van de band luidt als volgt:

Introducing….. On Drums…. Mr. Kevin Paradis!

We are tremendously excited to announce that Kevin Paradis will be joining us on our EXUL world tour that kicks off in Europe next week!

This incredible French drummer, known for his work in Benighted amongst many other acts, was actually the very first person we reached out to after discussing amongst ourselves who we could potentially invite to audition for the band. We were all blown away by his playing and how quickly he connected with the material once he started learning our songs and are thrilled to have him joining us on the road.

Kevin zelf zegt er het volgende over:

When Ne Obliviscaris reached out to me, I considered this a great opportunity to play meaningful and spirited music that blends different atmospheres into great songs and I am honored to be trusted by the band for their upcoming EXUL tours. Learning and rehearsing the songs has already been a huge pleasure and a great challenge. But now I can’t wait to experience this music live with them and to use my drumming skills to serve Ne Obliviscaris‘ beautiful music.

De band staat op 14 mei met Persefone en Asymmetric Universe in Trix in Antwerpen (BE) en met Persefone en The Omnific op 20 mei in Gebr. de Nobel in Leiden (NL).

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