Thy Art Is Murder Deelt Volledig “Hate” Concert Gratis

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Thy Art Is Murder

De Australische deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder heeft een complete show uit “‘Decade Of Hate”, hun 10-jarige jubileum tour voor het album “Hate”, online gezet. De show is opgenomen op 14 januari in The Forum in Melbourne in Australië. De show is met meerdere camera’s opgenomen en het geluid is gemixt door Will Putney.

“Hate” is het tweede studioalbum van de band en werd uitgebracht op 19 oktober 2012.

When we set out to record our record Hate all those years ago, none of us could anticipate the ride of a lifetime we were about to embark upon. So it seemed fitting that when we announced this recent Decade Of Hate tour, we were again uncertain about what the shows would hold in store. They turned out to be the biggest of our career.

Throughout this wild journey, it was only through the undying support of our friends and fans across the world that we were able to traverse these monolithic milestones and for that we are forever grateful. To have a dream is one thing, but to live it is something truly special and you have given that privilege to us.

In the last ten years we attempted to cover as much ground on tour as possible, but this last anniversary tour was rather brief as we prepare for our new record. With the help of our incredible crew we are proud to give you HATE in full, the way we had imagined we might one day be able to present the songs. For all those we couldn’t make it to, and for anyone who just wants to relive the experience, this video is free forever. Flip the lights out, stick it on the biggest screen in your house and turn it up.

Andy Marsh – Thy Art Is Murder
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