Dying Fetus Kondigt Nieuw Album “Make Them Beg For Death” Aan, Brengt “Feast of Ashes” Uit

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Dying Fetus

De Amerikaanse death metal band Dying Fetus heeft de details van hun aankomende, negende studioalbum “Make Them Beg For Death” bekendgemaakt en een video uitgebracht voor de track “Feast of Ashes”.

Drummer Trey Williams zegt het volgende over de track:

It follows on from where ‘Wrong One To Fuck With‘ left off. We don’t need to participate in the technical death metal arms race. We’ve got the big guns, and we’ve proven that. It’s all about pointing them in the right direction, so to speak.

En zanger John Gallagher voegt eraan toe:

The philosophy is the same now as it was when the band started. To write catchy riffs and to make it memorable. Whatever style of music you’re doing, make it something people want to hear repeatedly.

De coverart en tracklist zien er als volgt uit:

  1. Enlighten Through Agony
  2. Compulsion For Cruelty
  3. Feast Of Ashes
  4. Throw Them In The Van
  5. Unbridled Fury
  6. When The Trend Ends
  7. Undulating Carnage
  8. Raised In Victory / Razed In Defeat
  9. Hero’s Grave
  10. Subterfuge

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