Of Virtue Brengt Nieuwe Single “Sober” Uit

Geschreven door Stefan
Of Virtue

De Amerikaanse modern metal/metalcore band Of Virtue heeft een video uitgebracht voor hun nieuwe single “Sober”, afkomstig van hun aankomende album “Omen” dat op 29 september verschijnt via Arising Empire.

De band zegt het volgende over de track:

‘Sober’ is a cautionary tale about the effects that addiction can have not only on the user, but friends, family or anyone that is close to them. It is hitting that “rock bottom” with no where else to go except for finally turning over a new leaf. It can be hard to accept accountability for your actions when it has damaged so many things and make it harder to stop the self destructive behaviour that got you there in the first place.

The substance abuse has gotten out of control and you start to see the effects it can have on not only yourself, but the ones you care about. People often distance themselves from those who display toxic behaviours and patterns out of self preservation. The song relays that the user understands this but cannot stop themselves from their own impulses and self destructive behaviours, despite the irreparable damage they are doing. Being sober requires accountability, which is only attained by taking responsibility and accepting the truth and consequences of your actions. In the end, we want to believe that if we simply stop using that all of their problems will go away – but at the same time, using seems to be the only thing that can give comfort since there is no one left to turn to.

Pre-Orders voor het nieuwe album zijn hier verkrijgbaar.

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