Polaris Deelt Statement Over De Toekomst Van De Band

Geschreven door Stefan

De Australische metalcore band Polaris heeft, na het overlijden van gitarist Ryan Siew, laten weten dat ze voorlopig doorgaan met de band en verder gaan op een manier waarbij zij zich het best voelen om hun gitarist en de muziek die ze maken te eren.

Het volledige statement luidt als volgt:

Dear friends,

We want to thank you all for your outpouring of love and support over the last couple of weeks in the wake of Ryan’s passing. This has been the most difficult period in our band’s life, or in any of our own lives, and your kind words have meant everything to us, our team and Ryan’s family & friends. This loss has shaken us to the core, but it has been so beautiful to know how loved our brother was, and to hear about the impact he had on so many. We have been blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family as we try to work through this.

We’re truly grateful for your patience and understanding as the four of us start to figure out how we will move forward. We know there are a lot of questions at the moment, all of which we will address in good time, and we appreciate you giving us the space to do so. At this stage we want to let you know that we plan to fulfil all our upcoming commitments, and to move forward in the way that we feel best honours our brother’s life and the art we created together.
With love and thanks,


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