Polaris Deelt Video Voor “Nightmare”

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De Australische metalcore band Polaris heeft een video uitgebracht voor de track “Nightmare”, afkomstig van hun aankomende, derde studioalbum “Fatalism” dat op 1 september uitkomt. Het nummer is de tweede van drie muziekvideo’s die ze hebben gefilmd voordat gitarist Ryan Siew overleed.

Drummer/Zanger Daniel Furnari zegt er het volgende over:

We created this video with our friend Ben Wrigley, AKA Third Eye Visuals, who found some amazing locations and imagery to help us convey the track when paired with his brilliant editing skills. This was the second of three music videos we filmed with [late guitarist] Ryan [Siew] earlier this year. It has been a challenging and very emotional task to complete these videos in light of what has happened, but after careful discussion with his family, we collectively felt that we wanted to share with the world the final things that Ryan created with us. We will proudly cherish the memories of him contained in this footage, and hope you will too.”

“‘Nightmare‘ is a reflection on the constant state of fear that the world at large seems to have lived in for much of the past couple of years — the feeling of waking up every day into a dystopia of uncertainty and anxiety where nothing really feels safe anymore. The more I thought about it, the more I arrived at the conclusion that maybe this fear was the biggest thing we all had in common during a time of such great division — that our collective dread was our greatest unifier. That concept then really helped to shape the thematic direction of the rest of the record.

This was the second song that was written for the album and it started with that chorus melody, chords and lyrics, which I brought to the guys to build a song around. We fleshed it out on our first writing trip to the mountains and it developed into a very riff-heavy song, with the guitar being passed back and forth a lot between Rick and Ryan and all of us weighing in, so I think we all had an early attachment to it for that reason.

Pre-Orders voor het album zijn hier verkrijgbaar en Polaris live zien kan tijdens hun tour met While She Sleeps en Bury Tomorrow, waarmee ze op 28 september in AB in Brussel (BE) staan en op 29 september in Poppodium 013 in Tilburg (NL).

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