Hollow Front Brengt “Over The Cradle” Video Uit

Geschreven door Stefan
Hollow Front

De Amerikaanse metalcore band Hollow Front heeft een video uitgebracht voor “Over The Cradle”, die samenvalt met de release van hun nieuwe album “The Fear Of Letting Go”.

‘Over the Cradle’ is a song about an estranged relationship between motherand child. It’s from the point of view of the child telling their mom all the ways she’d hurt themgrowing up, but in the end they have forgiven her and they want her to know that.This song is very personal. It’s inspired by my own relationship with my mother, when I was kid.I wouldn’t say she was the worst mom in the world. I had everything a kid needed and more.Our relationship just fractured in my early teens, because of her decisions, and it took a verylong time for us to recover. But we did, and I love my mom very much. She’s one of my biggestsupporters and has always encouraged me to keep at this band thing,even when things havegotten super tough.

Het album bestellen kan via deze link.

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