Venues Heeft Een Video Uitgebracht Voor De Nieuwe Single “Radiate Me”

Geschreven door Stefan

De Duitse post-hardcore/metalcore band Venues heeft een video uitgebracht voor hun nieuwe single “Radiate Me”, in navolging van hun veelgeprezen album “Solace” uit 2021 en de eerdere singles “Reflections”, “Cravings”, “Haunted House” en “Oblivion”.

Zangeres Robin zegt het volgende over de track:

The last year was quite tough for me, as my mother was diagnosed with two types of cancer. She immediately took up the fight and underwent chemotherapy, which was extremely hard on her. I drove her to various hospitals time and again, took care of the household, and cared for her as a person. But primarily, I saw her suffer and what the poison of this treatment did to her. The chemotherapy almost killed her. ‘Radiate Me’ is all of that in one song. As it stands now, she is doing well and we all hope that it stays that way. Fuck cancer!

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