Architects Brengt Live Video Uit Voor “When We Were Young”

Geschreven door Stefan

De Britse metalcore band Architects heeft een live video uitgebracht voor “When We Were Young”, opgenomen tijdens hun show op 6 mei in Alexandra Palace in Londen, Engeland en geregisseerd door Lucas Englund. Deze track kwam uit op 20 april 2022, ruim een jaar na de release van hun meest recente album “For Those That Wish To Exist”.

“When We Were Young is a song that recognises what is gained and what is lost as we get older. As the world unfolds around us, we can become overwhelmed by its endless complexity. When I was 20 I thought I had the whole thing sussed, today i’m pretty sure i’ll never understand reality. we lose our innocence as we age, and although fatalism and cynicism can creep in, we also begin to shift our focus toward gratitude for existence and for those that we love.

Dan Searle – Architects (Drums)

Architects live zien kan op 15 januari in de Mainstage in Den Bosch tijdens Headbangers Parade.

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