At The Gates Brengt Video Uit Voor “Garden Of Cyrus”

Geschreven door Stefan
At The Gates

De Zweedse melodic death metalband At The Gates heeft een animatie-video uitgebracht voor het nummer “Garden Of Cyrus”, afkomstig van hun meest recente album “The Nightmare Of Being”. De video is gemaakt door Costin Chioreanu.

For our latest video, ‘Garden Of Cyrus’, we have once again chosen to work with our longtime partner Costin Chioreanu. And I think it is safe to say that this time he has truly outdone himself! It is a different song, at least in death metal terms, and of course it needed a different idea for the video.

Once again, we let Costin do his own interpretation of the music and the lyrics, and he has taken us on a real psychedelic journey with this one.

I think this is the song on our latest album ‘The Nightmare Of Being’ that raised the most eyebrows in the metal community. And I am proud that we as a band can still surprise people, adding another dimension to our sound, without losing the essence of what At The Gates is.

Tomas Lindberg – At The Gates (Zang)

At The Gates live zien kan op hun recent aangekondigde Europese tour met In Flames, Imminence en Orbit Culture.

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