Ingested Kondigt Album “Ashes Lie Still” Aan, Brengt “Shadows In Time” Video Uit

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De Britse technical deathcore band Ingested heeft hun nieuw album “Ashes Lie Still” aangekondigd en een video uitgebracht voor de track “Shadows In Time“. Over de track zegt de band het volgende:

“This is our monstrous second single from our brand new album and debut on Metal Blade Records,” the band enthuses. “We’re excited for everyone to hear this bone-breaking beast and watch the brand-new music video directed by Loki Films! This banger has got everything fans of Ingested love, plus a few little surprises to boot! So kick back and let us make your ear holes bleed.

En over het nieuwe album:

This is our most personal offering yet — 10 tracks of dark, brutal, and atmospheric extreme metal, written during some of the most difficult periods of our life and career as a band,” Ingested explain. “We’ve sweat every ounce of passion into this record, and we can’t wait for you to hear it in its entirety.

De coverart en tracklist zien er als volgt uit:

  1. You’ve. Been. Warned.
  2. Ashes Lie Still” (feat. Julia Frau)
  3. Shadows in Time
  4. You’ll Never Learn
  5. Tides Of Glass
  6. From Hollow Words” (feat. Sven de Caluwé of Aborted)
  7. Sea Of Stone
  8. All I’ve Lost” (feat. Matthew K. Heafy of Trivium))
  9. With Broken Wings
  10. Echoes Of Hate
  11. Scratch The Vein
  12. Rebirth” (new mix by Christian Donaldson) (digital version only)

“Ashes Still Lie” komt op 4 november uit via Metal Blade Records en pre-orders zijn hier verkrijgbaar.

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