Miss May I Brengt “Free Fall” Video Uit

Geschreven door Stefan
Miss May I

De Amerikaanse metalcore band Miss May I heeft een video uitgebracht voor “Free Fall”, afkomstig van het album “Curse Of Existence” dat op 2 september uitkomt via SharpTone.

This song ‘Free Fall‘ is our open invitation to anyone who wants to take that leap they never had the courage to take. When you reach the edge of a journey you have struggled to travel through and you back out before the final step, this is your chance to take that leap off the edge and see where the journey takes you. I know the popular term for this is ‘imposter syndrome’ and for anyone who has felt the relief of pushing through, this song is your anthem.

Levi Benton – Miss May I (Zang)

Pre-Orders voor het album zijn hier verkrijgbaar.

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