…And Oceans Brengt Video Uit Voor “Cloud Heads”

Geschreven door Stefan
...And Oceans

De Finse symphonic black metal band …And Oceans heeft een video uitgebracht voor “Cloud Heads”, de eerste single van hun aankomende, zesde studio album dat op 27 januari 2023 wordt uitgebracht via Seasons Of Mist.

‘Cloud Heads’ is an ice breaker. The first new song we finished after Cosmic World Mother was released, the one that set the tone for the rest of the writing process. It broke the ice, so the other tracks could follow and cross the ocean. We think it’s only fitting that it should continue its journey and clear the ice for the release of the album!
The boundless author, the giant head, the voices in the wind will take you on a skin- and fleshless journey this fall and winter. Through space and time, into magnetic current beyond our reach and grasp. Through a kaleidoscope of means to one end!
Now go and spread it like a wildfire!

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