Miss May I Niet Mee Op Tour Met Bury Tomorrow En August Burns Red

Geschreven door Stefan
Miss May I

De Amerikaanse melodic metalcore band Miss May I gaat helaas niet meer mee op de tour met Bury Tomorrow en August Burns Red die vanaf 21 oktober van start gaat.

It is with the deepest regret and sadness that we must announce that Miss May I will no longer be joining the upcoming fall tour with Bury Tomorrow and August Burns Red, due to unforeseen logistical changes since the tour was originally booked in 2019.

Our excitement too, has immensely grown in anticipation over the years and we are heartbroken to make this decision, but thankful to ABR and BT for the opportunity, and to our loyal fans in the UK and Europe who we can’t wait to see again soon. We are happy to hear that Novelists is able to join the lineup, and wish them the a great tour as well. Stay metal and stay tuned 

Miss May I

Deze tour zou de band onder andere naar Ancienne Belgique in Brussel (BE) en Effenaar in Eindhoven (NL) moeten brengen.

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