Archspire, Psycroptic, Benighted & Entheos Kondigen Europese Tour Aan

Geschreven door Stefan

De Canadese technical death metal band Archspire heeft een Europese headline tour aangekondigd met Psycroptic, Benighted en Entheos die in maart van 2023 plaats zal vinden.

What do you get when you combine an Italian, a wannabe rapper, a human drum machine, a music school nerd, and the whitest man you’ve ever seen in your life? AN ARCHSPIRE EUROPEAN TOUR!!!

It has been over THREE YEARS since we’ve been to Europe, which is absolutely insane, and we’re so pumped to bring this ridiculous package across the Atlantic for another installment of ‘Tech Trek Europe.’ We’ll be playing plenty of songs from our latest release ‘Bleed the Future,’ and we’ll be joined by the incredible Psycroptic, the disgusting Benighted, and the very fun Entheos!

This is going to be a party every single night, and just like our music, the tickets will be going VERY FAST, sale starts Monday, Dec 5th! Hit the URL below to grab yours when they’re available!

Stay Tech, we’ll see you in March! Archspire

De volledige tourposter is hieronder te bekijken, tickets kopen kan via deze website.

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