Crown The Empire Brengt Visualizer Uit Voor “Black Sheep”

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Crown The Empire
© Alex Bemis

De Amerikaanse modern metalcore band Crown The Empire heeft een visualizer uitgebracht voor de nieuwe single “Black Sheep”, afkomstig van hun aankomende album “Dogma”. Dit nieuwe album verschijnt op 28 april via Rise Records.

Zanger Andy Leo zegt het volgende over de track:

We’ve tackled many lofty ideas with the singles we’ve released thus far but with ‘Black Sheep’ we wanted to bring it back down to earth to our early days as a band. When we were playing together in a garage and making songs with a “fuck you” attitude, just for the sake of doing it. We kept that spirit alive with ‘Black Sheep’ and aim to provide a solid 3:52 seconds of in-your-face energy that young crown would’ve loved. We hope you love it too.

Over het nieuwe album zegt bassist en screamer Hayden Tree het volgende:

We brought back the classic elements of Crown without taking anything away from what we’ve done more recently. The high-energy, fast-paced, hard-hitting riffs, with the band’s more melodic side, mashed together into an updated sound.

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