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ten56. brengt “Choky” Video Uit, Kondigt “Downer” Deluxe Aan


De Franse metalcore band ten56. heeft een video uitgebracht voor de track “Choky”, een follow-up op de in januari uitgekomen EP “Downer Part.2”. De twee EP’s komen samen in het nieuwe album “Downer” waarvan nu pre-orders beschikbaar zijn.

Zanger Aaron Matts zegt het volgende over de track:

We could never have expected the level of support that Downer Part.1 and Downer Part.2 could bring us as a new band; the ways in which our subject matter has allowed us to connect with our unique fanbase goes far beyond anything we’ve experienced elsewhere before. We’re honouring our time spent with the Downer saga with a deluxe edition, including vinyl presses that compiles both Part.1, Part.2, along with a couple of surprises; one of which is Choky, a song that speaks on the feeling of rejection and falling into familiar patterns of self-destruction. Thanks for always showing up for us. TEN56.

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