Vulvodynia Zet Zanger Duncan Bentley Per Direct Uit De Band Na Mishandeling Drummer

Geschreven door Stefan

De Zuid Afrikaanse slamming deathcore band Vulvodynia heeft zanger en mede-oprichter Duncan Bentley per direct uit de band gezet nadat hij hun eigen drummer Thomas Hughes het ziekenhuis in heeft geslagen met onder andere een gebroken neus.

De band schreef het volgende, inclusief NSFW foto’s:

So we are sure you’ve all been wondering whats going on and you deserve to know.

Due to recent events and recurring uncontrollable violence from Duncan Bentley. We can no longer have him in the band.

This has been something we have been considering even before this tour but had to just continue and try our best because the financial losses would have been too devastating.

He threatened and tried to kill our drummer Tom. Tom ended in hospital and sustained various injuries including a badly broken nose. This is also not the first time he’s attacked Tom and displayed this type of violence. Its been a recurring problem for a while. We thought it was alcohol related but we now know its just who he is.

We will be continuing the tour without him. We are going to try make plans to get some friends who are vocalists to help us out on the way and still bring you the best show possible.

Tom is absolutely destroyed and in pain but he’s willing to try finish up the tour and we will do our best. As many of you might know the cost of touring is insanely high and we would like to finish the tour to help us cover our costs.

We hope you guys all understand and we are heart broken to bring you this news.

Please do not trust Duncan. He is a manipulator, psychopath and compulsive liar. He will try take us down after this and we just need you all to know the truth.

*Duncan somehow still has access to our Facebook and is deleting posts

De band is momenteel met The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Bonecarver en Bound In Fear op de Unique Legion Tour en staat vooralsnog op 13 mei in Baroeg in Rotterdam (NL) en op 14 mei in Asgaard in Gentbrugge (BE).

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