Suffocation Annuleert Europese Zomer Tour Vanwege Blessures

Geschreven door Stefan

De Amerikaanse death metal band Suffocation heeft via een statement op hun socials bekendgemaakt dat ze hun Europese zomertour helaas moeten annuleren.

It is with deep regret that we have to announce the cancellation of our summer June/July 2023 tour scheduled within Europe/UK. As you may know we previously toured Europe last month and during this tour a few members of the band suffered extreme physical strain resulting in injuries preventing us from returning back to the area less than a month from our previous tour.

Although it’s never our intention to cancel any tour, the health of our bandmates is key for continuing forward into the rest of the year and it’s required that these members rest accordingly and recover from their injuries sustained during this tour. The physical strain that touring takes on the bodies of musicians manifests itself in many ways that are out of our control.

We have a lot in the works for the remainder of the year including writing and completing our new album and we look forward to returning to one of our favorite territories and fans in the EU/UK bringing you Suffocation at full strength, blazing and cranking alongside you all.

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