While She Sleeps Kondigt Nieuw Album “Self Hell” Aan

Geschreven door Stefan
While She Sleeps

De Engelse metalcore band While She Sleeps heeft hun nieuwe studioalbum “Self Hell” aangekondigd en een video uitgebracht voor de titeltrack. Dit zesde studioalbum van de band komt op 6 maart 2024 uit.

Gitarist Sean Long zegt het volgende over het album:

The name of the album is the foundation of how we view ourselves and the world. Everyone has a subjective experience like no other. Yet the constant that binds us is the differences between us and the fact that we are all suffering in our own way. Don’t be too quick to judge and demonise, your time will come for redemption or damnification.

We’ve been drawing inspiration from an array of misfit artists far from where you would usually pigeonhole While She Sleeps. Each member has brought in a different perspective of inspiration so far apart in genre that it has left us with a very odd and satisfying sonic. While She Sleeps will continue to keep the world guessing on what we will do next. Not only for the fans but this is a spiritual venture that we have to keep alive, moving, and constantly in flux. We do this by scaring ourselves with things we are not supposed to do. Every. Single. Day.

De tracklist is nog niet bekendgemaakt, maar pre-orders voor het album zijn hier verkrijgbaar.

De band live zien kan samen met Bury Tomorrow en Polaris op 28 september in Ancienne Belgique in Brussel (BE) en een dag later in Poppodium 013 in Tilburg (NL).

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