Slaughter To Prevail Kondigt Europese Tour Aan

Geschreven door Stefan
Slaughter To Prevail

De Russische deathcore band Slaughter To Prevail komt voor het eerst sinds 9 jaar terug naar Europa. De band komt onder andere naar Poppodium 013 in Tilburg (NL) en Kavka Zappa in Antwerpen (BE).

Zanger Alex Terrible heeft in 2022 een officieel statement uitgebracht tegen de oorlog in Oekraine:

I’m making an official statement on behalf of the whole band, as the leader. I’m Alex Terrible and I play with Slaughter To Prevail, vocalist. We play deathcore/death metal and showing the guns and weapons and tanks in our video clips, and so on. Despite this fact, we against the war. We against any war. It is so hurt us to see what is happening right now in Ukraine. We have been in Ukraine many times for shows, and our last tour finished in Ukraine.
Please do not make the whole Russian people an accomplice. I wish you a beautiful, peaceful sky above your head. Thank you for your attention.

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