Ingested Brengt Video Uit Voor “All I’ve Lost” Met Matt Heafy

Geschreven door Stefan

De Britse death metal band Ingested heeft een video uitgebracht voor “All I’ve Lost”, afkomstig van het recent uitgekomen album “Ashes Lie Still”. Op deze track is ook Trivium frontman Matthew K. Heafy te horen.

We are very happy to unleash upon you our next single ‘All I’ve Lost,’ featuring the mighty Matt Heafy,” says singer Jason Evans. “This is a song about my personal struggles with addiction, my fall into darkness, and my subsequent battle to claw my way back out. I hope you all enjoy this song, blast it loud, and remember, even when the world seems at its bleakest, you do have value, you do have worth, and there is always hope. Big love.

Jason Evans – Ingested (Zang)
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