Attack Attack! Komt Deze Maand Met Nieuwe Muziek

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Attack Attack!

De Amerikaanse metalcore band Attack Attack!, pioniers van het crabcore genre, zeggen deze maand met nieuwe muziek te komen. De band maakte dit bekend in een update over hun in 2021 aangekondigde vinyl “Long Time, No Sea”:

Hello Crabs,

After a year of waiting for Long Time, No Sea EPs from the evil vinyl plant we have officially shipped all vinyl pre-orders. To celebrate we’re launching a brand new colored Purple Smash variant that is limited online to 100 pressings. In addition, we also finally have Long Time, No Sea CDs now available to play in your car or wherever the hell people still use these. Chris Parketny will be shipping these himself so we’re not having anymore issues.

Just to update you on everything else — The Long Time, No Sea era has come to an end. We’re gearing up for more new music coming in about a month. These are some of the best songs we’ve ever worked on and were produced by the man behind Someday Came Suddenly himself, Joey Sturgis. Please make sure you pre-save and tell any of your fellow crebs. You have no idea how much this helps as an independent camp or how excited we are to release these songs and need your help to mobilize this.

We’re also going to announce a lot of new tour dates with some of our favorite bands in the scene right now. This will be one of the best shows you’ve ever seen us at.

Thank you all.
Chris, The Andrews, Cameron and Ryland.

Pre-Orders voor de nieuwe muziek die de titel “Dark Waves” meekrijgt zijn hier te vinden.

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