Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes Doet Mee Met Yungblud’s “Happier”

Geschreven door Stefan

Bring Me The Horizon zanger Oliver Sykes is te horen op de nieuwe Yungblud track “Happier”. In 2020 werkte ze ook al samen voor de track “Obey”.

Yungblud zegt het volgende over de samenwerking:

I have almost been conditioned by myself my whole life to be in pain. When I’m in pain I work better. I function better because I have something to combat. It’s dark but it’s all I’ve ever known. The feeling of happiness is scary because you feel like it’s all about to go wrong. I have always felt that if I’m happy I’ll get complacent so it’s lost me a lot of opportunity for friendships and relationships in the past.

I got really emotional when writing this. I was craving another Yungblud song that would burn in my stomach, make me feel like it’s all gonna be ok and encourage me to fight back against old habits and try my best to re-align myself to be better. It’s ok to find happiness, it’s ok to feel it. I hope you find a little bit of it in this song. You deserve it. Everyone does.

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