Lifesick Tekent Bij Metal Blade Records, Brengt “Rude Awakening” Uit

Geschreven door Stefan

De Deense metallic hardcore band Lifesick heeft een contract getekend bij Metal Blade Records en een video uitgebracht voor de track “Rude Awakening” waarop ook Mark Whelan van Fuming Mouth te horen is.

We are extremely excited to announce our signing with Metal Blade Records and to release our first single off the new EP featuring none other than Fuming Mouth’s Mark Whelan. We’ve been fans of Fuming Mouth and Mark since the start. Mark had shown interest in our music on a previous album, so we felt the timing was ideal to invite him to collaborate on this track.

We believed his sound would be a perfect fit for this song, and he contributed to the vibe flawlessly. We’re incredibly honored that he immediately said ‘YES.’ ‘Love and Other Lies‘ is our most personal project yet, the EP explores the idea that love isn’t always positive, and even the people we trust the most can cause hurt, or we may hurt them, all while reflecting Simon‘s own life experiences honestly and candidly. This EP sets the tone for our upcoming full-length album, which we plan to record next year. Expect raw honesty and unapologetic brutality; no nonsense here.

Een nieuw studioalbum staat gepland voor volgend jaar.

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