Mister Misery Brengt “In Forever (Orchestral Version)” Uit

Geschreven door Stefan
Mister Misery

De modern horror metal band Mister Misery uit Zweden onthult hun nieuwe single “In Forever (Orchestral Version)”. Na de release van hun veelgeprezen debuutalbum “Unalive” in 2019 heeft de band zich naar nieuwe hoogten uitgebreid. Met releases, zoals “Ballad of the Headless Horseman” en “Devil In Me”, nam Mister Misery hun luisteraars mee op een reis die leidde naar hun langverwachte tweede album: “A Brighter Side Of Death”.

We are so excited to finally reveal this song for you ghosts!

So many memories that will last forever is gathered here in this post as a reminder that we love this band and our fans to the moon and back! And we sure can’t wait to create many more 🖤🤘🏻

The piano is masterfully played by Rizzy and orchestral arranged, produced and mixed by Harley and Rizzy.

It’s with great enthusiasm we set our aim for the horizon and move towards Chapter III.

We can’t wait to show you what is to come!

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